Hi! I’m Jess. I’m honored that you’re here! My goal is for this to be a colorful, joyful, adventurous place that will encourage and inspire you to try something new. I’m naturally a ‘play-it-safe’ kinda person ….but I’m trying not to be. I believe God makes good on his promise to do abundantly more than we could ever hope or dream- and I want to live accordingly. I believe God gives us hopes and dreams for a reason, and I want to pursue the things He’s placed on my heart.

Running is a huge part of who I am. It’s my outlet, my version of flying and when I feel most free. It’s a door to relationships with people I have nothing else in common with. Running is quality time with my dog. It’s heart talks with close friends. Hours spent alone with God dancing through His beautiful creation. I ran Cross Country and Track throughout high school, college and nursing school. Now I run for fun with my dog Maverick. I like lifting weights. And mostly, I like eating ice cream.

I am a pediatric cardiovascular ICU nurse. It sounds cool, but really I’m just trying not to hurt anyone or offend any parents. I also spend a lot of time on the cancer unit. I love those kids. Being a nurse is teaching me how to serve better and love deeper. It’s giving me the opportunity to watch the ultimate Healer fix {literal} broken hearts. I see a lot of brokenness. I am constantly in awe of what God does, and I often struggle with understanding His plan. I am continually being humbled and challenged and reminded that there is nowhere better than in Jesus’ arms.

This is my family’s dream come true and future backyard. It’s 40 acres of undeveloped pasture and forest that we share with my parents. Caleb and I have been dreaming of owning lots of land to raise our future kids on. We currently live in a big city, hundreds of miles away. Caleb, my parents, and I are working towards moving here and building our own homes.